Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 Round-up!

Happy Easter 2009 from the Harju Family!


OK! The sugar has worn off and Easter is now over but I did get some of my projects done which turned out fairly good. First, this year I wanted to try tie-dyeing eggs. Miles wasn't too impressed actually with the whole process, I think he really likes the whole messy dip and dye the eggs thing so maybe we'll do a few that way again next year. I actually bought this kit from The June Bride on Etsy which saved me from scrounging the thrift store for silk ties. This turned out to be fairly easy and I decided to blow out the eggs since we weren't going to be eating them. Matt helped me with blowing them out and he and Miles' helped to wrap them. I weighted the wrapped eggs down with a Pyrex glass casserole lid and I also used a
stainless steel pot since I didn't have a glass or enamel one. I do think next time around I will get the silk wet before wrapping the eggs to see if that would help make the silk tighter. I also finished making the cashmere bunnies for Max and Vivian. Vivian was so funny because she found the one I was making for Max and then wanted to know where hers was! I completely lucked out when I went hunting for a pink cashmere sweater at our local DAC thrift store because I really didn't expect to find one. This was my first attempt at a soft toy and they weren't quite the Betz White perfection but it was
fun and I'd definitely try it again.

I was going to hang these with ribbon but didn't have a spot for them, so my Mikasa bowl got to be the happy container instead!

The bunnies turned out cute if not perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go crafty mom! I didn't even do eggs this year. I want to try the papered eggs that were in Martha Stewart. Maybe next year. Looks like you need one more metal flower basket. Were those from Pier One? I'll keep my eye out for one.

Stefan uses my old basket which is oblong and I was so lucky to find a round basket in the same material for Andreas at the Goodwill.